Theory and practice of non violence

praveen togadia non violance

We are proud of legacy of Mahavir and Buddha. Mahavir was not the first, but the last 24th Tirthankar. Buddhas were 28. We have the largest constitution. Gandhi ji preached Ahimsa, but canvassed for mass recruitment in British army out of which 27 lakhs Indian soldiers died in WW2.

Then to keep peace, India was divided which caused death of 30 lakhs Hindus in Pakistan, but It was termed as event of another country. Within our country, political deaths are more than any other country.

Except Nehru himself, all other leader in the ruling family were killed. Potential rivals like Sanjay Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Madhavrao Sindhia, Rajesh Pilot, Lalit Narayan Mishra, YSR Reddy were all eliminated.

Then, anybody becoming popular is kept in jail for many more years than maximum punishment. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Col. Purohit, Asaram Bapu has been kept in jail without any chargesheet for periods more than maximum prison term.

Now is term of Dr. Pravin Togadia, working President of VHP. Controlled media and some political fans are making tirade against him forgetting his dedicated selfless service to the country. What is his fault?

  • Did he conspire against himself on 29th December 2017 by cancelling legally completed voting when propped up candidate didn’t get a single vote?
  • Did he conspire against himself to call team of Rajasthan police to arrest him at Ahmedabad?
  • Did he conspire to be left on road for dying when a chance lift to hospital saved his life?
  • Was he in a position to stop Hardik Patel to meet him in hospital. Does normal courtesy tell that any person asking well being to be abused and thrown out for being in Congress?

As head of VHP, Dr. Togadia cannot oppose Hindus on basis of their caste or party line. Even non Hindus are served through 60000 schools managed by VHP, hospitals or medical helpline, mostly the planning of Dr Togadia ji.

Had he banned leaders of other parties to meet him in hospital? Or were they afraid that High Command will be angry if they see Dr Togadia in hospital?

Police officers and many courts have stopped reading law and merely wait for unwritten direction or sign from Master. On prayer of police, court issued warrant against Dr. Togadia in a case closed 3 years ago.

Was any warrant issued against any of 25 other accused? Warrant for arrest is not issued to Rajsthan police. Local warrant is sent to officer in charge of police station. Warrant outside district (including outside state) is issued to SP of district where accused is present. Under his direction, local police station officer arrests and produces person in court within 24 hours. Local court issued production warrant for taking him to court where case is to be tried. Then police of that region ( Rajasthan) escorts him till that court.

Administratively, police team can go outside state only with written permission of state government. Sometimes, power is delegated to DGP or IGP. If an accused or victim is to be brought, his journey arrangements are also done, unless there is understanding to eliminate him.

There appears to be no reason why any officer or leader in Rajasthan will be aggrieved with prestige or popularity of Dr Togadia ji. Then who masterminded it?

Another blame is being spread in media that a person roaring like lion was weeping. There cannot be more cruel joke on a person who just recovered from death bed after being unconscious for 10 hours. Such comments are not jokes but a sin whose result has to be faced.

Arun Upadhyay IPS Formar DGP Cuttack, Orissa

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