In love of Dr. M. Rice – City of Angels

City of Angels movie review

In love of Dr. M. Rice – City of Angels : Movie review

City of Angels : OH!! Those days when you were struggling with hormonal imbalances and believe to get some sort of connection with trans world. One day you want to swing the earth reverse and other day try to save the world with your secret superpowers.

In chaotic world of problems, worries and complaining over and over again, One day you find medusa like haired girl playing with smart bicycle in ruthless traffic and managed to do some hot-shot surgeon job.

You just love the way she look, you love the way she walk, you want to touch her. May be flat but, OK!! handful of it.

A School copy cover makes you believe that she can stay there for a while.

After a long time, may be a decade or two, you find that copy with important notes and some personal dairy stuff, The Medusa appear again with full blossom.

Now you download “The wonder” and watching once again to feel like teenager, who fall in love with maggie, ie Dr. M. Rice.